ISKA Appoints South Asian Co-Ordinator

On 7th March 2021, ISKA World President Mr. Cory Schafer announced the appoint of South Asian Co-Ordinator to Mr. Yuvraj Harichandan, In his press release on social media he mentioned- "ISKA is pleased to announce that Yuvraj Harichandan has been appointed as our Southern Asia Coordinator tasked with the responsibility of advancing our mission to expand athlete opportunity by helping to qualify candidates for national leadership positions throughout the region. We have every confidence in his abilities and look forward to a successful future. Yuvraj, 5th Dan Black Belt educated as Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Business Administration has been involved in Kickboxing & Karate industry since 1996".

Mr. Yuvraj has been an athlete himself and have been many times national champion in IAKO amateur division.He also have participated in International Kickboxing Championship in Oman, 2003. Yuvraj has been graded as National Refree in National Championships.

IAKO congratulates and wishes Mr. Yuvraj on his new role and believes he would do his best job for this task given to him by ISKA World HQ.




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